Our Tohu…

Our Tohu tells the story of our people and our surroundings at Te Hora.

Within Ngāti Kuia oral tradition there are a number stories relating to te Rupe. Its significance is such that it is depicted here, resting at the summit of Tūtūmapou (our maunga).

Te Hora , the raised terrace at the foot of Tūtūmāpou, is situated at the confluence of the Whakamārino and Te Hoiere rivers. This is represented by the white area between the green upper design and the black lower.

It is said that these rivers were carved out by the nose of Kaikaiāwaro as he guided Matua Hautere to this area. Te Hora Pā is represented in our logo not only by the meeting of the awa, but by the dorsal fin of Kaikaiāwaro.  The fin, when examined in our tohu is carved from pākohe, to represent the perpetual presence of both Kaikaiāwaro in the waters of Te Hoiere and the Ngāti Kuia upon the whenua.